Meeting called to order by Roy Retzlaff at 7:00 PM

Roll call: Present Roy Retzlaff, Rex Retzlaff, Ron Shedeed, Mary Shedeed

Absent: Dave Kayton

Notice made of posted open meeting laws.

Notice made of posting of meeting and agenda at three prominent locations in the village on 11/25/21.

Minutes of last meeting read and approved.

Treasurers’ report presented with bills as follows:

NPPD $36.67, 122.53, 36.65, 122.53 (utilities)

Rex Retzlaff $200.00 (Compensation for clerk duties)

Mary Shedeed $200.00 (Compensation for treasurer duties)

Sheridan County Treasurer $14.20 (Real Estate taxes)

Sheridan County Journal Star  (publication of 12/14/21 meeting).

Treasurers’ report and bills approved.

Old Business: Vincent Feedlot will push tree limbs into a pile at the dump for disposal this winter.

Mary completed online continuing education for treasurer requirement.

New Business: Motion made to adopt resolution 2021-5 approving Roy Retzlaff to sign year end certification of

     road superintendent, approved. Certificate signed.

Motion made to approve road superintendent Lloyd C. Smith to perform all duties for compliance with the state beginning 01/01/22 through

     12/31/22, approved.

Motion made to approve Roy as SWANN representative and Ron as alternate, approved.

Meeting adjourned 07:24 PM

Published: December 22, 2021 ZNEZ