Hay Springs Public School SCHOOL BOARD SPECIAL MEETING Board Workshop with NASB Distance Learning Room Thursday, December 2nd, 2021 6:30 pm

The December 2nd workshop meeting was called to Order at 6:30 pm by president Johnson. President Johnson informed those present that the Meeting Notice had been advertised Per Board Policy Publication of Hearing Notice was published in Hip Hop and Sheridan County Journal Star and on School Website the week of November 21st, 2021.President Johnson led the board in the Pledge of Allegiance and pointed out the posting of the Open Meetings Law. 

Roll call was taken with the following members present: B. Johnson, G. Heiting, S. Henry, M. Reed, D. Russell, M. Kearns.

Motion to go into Closed/Executive Session for the protection of the publics interested and to prevent needless injury to the reputation of the individuals was made by D. Russell and seconded by M. Reed. Passed 6/0

President Johnson declared the meeting in executive session at 6:35 pm

Work Session included: 

• Presentation of Superintendent Applications by NASB representative

• Review and selection of final superintendent candidates by the Board of Education 

President Johnson declared the meeting out of executive session at 7:39 pm

Motion to come out of Closed session was made by D. Russell and seconded by G. Heiting. Passed 6/0

Motion made by D. Russell and seconded by M. Kearns to have the NASB representative contact the following finalists of their selection and request them to appear for interviews on December 8th 2021. 

Passed 6/0 

• Christopher Arent

• George Clear

• Mark Hagge

• Barry Schaeffer

President Johnson Adjourned the workshop meeting at 8:38 pm

Published: December 22, 2021 ZNEZ