Farmhouse Coffee opens for business in Rushville

Pictured left to right: Kaden Vincent, Clint Vincent, Kyler Vincent, Emilee Hinn, and Sissy Hinn. Pictured left to right: Kaden Vincent, Clint Vincent, Kyler Vincent, Emilee Hinn, and Sissy Hinn. Photo by Berklie Haag

By Berklie Haag

There is no shortage of love in the new Farmhouse Coffee shop in Rushville. Owner Emilee Hinn has had big dreams of owning a coffee shop for many years and recently, her dreams became a reality. With friends and family by her side, Emilee serves homemade food and hot coffee with a side of love in every sip. 

The building at 133 South Main Street - adorned with the authentic copper ceiling - was a bank in the early 1900s, and then a law office for years after. Since then, the structure has been sitting vacant waiting for someone to come in and see it’s worth. That is exactly what Hinn did. She took the old and made it new by incorporating pieces of the building’s history - like the antique law books and authentic chicken wires windows - and blended them seamlessly with her farmhouse-themed decorations. An eye-catching stained glass window sits above the door calling visitors inside. Made by local Wendy Scheenen of Craven Creek Studio, it features a rooster, barn, and colorful sunset. “I called Wendy up and said ‘I have this area and would like a stained glass window. Do you think you could do something for me?’ Then, I told her that I would like: maybe a red barn and a rooster and a sunset if she could add that, and she couldn’t have done a better job. It is beautiful,” Hinn said. Farmhouse Coffee has a downhome feel with a unique twist. 

This isn’t the only familiar face who has helped get Farmhouse Coffee up and running. Collette Snyder bakes fresh muffins and goodies to be served to customers, while Carol Vincent whips up pans of cinnamon rolls for the breakfast rush. Clint Vincent helps to make breakfast burritos every morning, and Roger Vincent helped Emilee with the remodeling of the place. Tess Hinn, Tracy Fedderson, Sissy Hinn, Kaden and Kyler Vincent and others come in to help with various other projects like the making of drinks and ringing up of customers. Their efforts don’t go unnoticed by Emilee. She can tell you all about the people who have helped her from day one. From the sheer number of people who help Emilee on a daily basis, it is clear that this is a friends and family affair full of love and hard work. 

Emilee said “Things are going good. I am overwhelmed with how the community has been.” The support from the community makes everything worthwhile for Hinn and the rest of the Farmhouse Coffee crew. Monday through Friday, Farmhouse Coffee is open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. serving breakfast items, salads, sandwiches and a fresh lunch special homemade daily. “Everything is made from scratch – except the bread on the sandwiches. Otherwise, everything else is homemade. That is what we go off of. We serve real, homemade food around here. It’s a big key in this place,” Hinn stated.

When you walk in, smell coffee and cinnamon rolls, see people laughing, and see Emilee with an apron on and a smile on her face with a whole bunch of friends and family at her side, you know you have come to the right place – Farmhouse Coffee. 

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