Sandry Fire Supply provides training for local Fire Departments

Sandry Fire Supply provides training for local Fire Departments

By Scott Bidroski

Over thirty men and women from the Gordon, Rushville, Hay Springs, and Merriman Fire Departments participated in a four-hour training this past Saturday, April 17 in Gordon.

The training focused on utilizing tools for usage in the event of an automobile accident. The training was headed by expert Bob Sandry, of Sandry Fire Supply, who demonstrated to the participants the correct technique for efficient use of the tools. Some tools that were highlighted the local departments use are cutters, spreaders, and rams. Sandry also demonstrated how to properly use the Rescue 42 struts which are used to stabilize a vehicle laying on its side.

Vehicles were placed in the open lot in various positions for the training and Sandry went through multiple situations firefighters may come upon when responding to a vehicle accident. He then explained the efficient uses for each tool in each unique situation.

For Gordon Fire Chief Richard Haller, the training was a success for the local departments.

“We send a lot of fireman to school each year and they receive training, but Bob Sandry has a whole new way of approaching it,” said Haller.

“And those new ideas can help you be better and faster,” he added.

Sandry offered to come teach the class after both the Gordon and Rushville departments purchased some thermal cameras from his company.

“We (Gordon) and Rushville purchased thermal cameras from Sandry Fire Supply and Bob said he would come put a training course on for the firemen,” said Haller.

“If you do not know what you have then you do not know how to use it right. That’s where Bob’s training helped,” added Haller.

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