De La Cruz sentenced to six years in prison

De La Cruz sentenced to six years in prison

By Scott Bidroski

21 year old Juan De La Cruz was sentenced in Sheridan County District Court on Tuesday, August 8.

Travis O’Gorman, the Sheridan County District Court Judge, doled out six years of prison time across 3 different charges.

De La Cruz was convicted of two counts of Child Abuse, Class IIIA felonies, and one count of Debauching a Minor, a Class I misdemeanor.

The two counts of Child Abuse each carried 36 months of jail time to be served totaling 72 months of jail time.

The third count for Debauching a Minor received one year of concurrent jail to be served during the same time as the previous two counts.

On November 8, 2021, an arrest warrant was sought for De La Cruz on two counts of First Degree Sexual Assault.

According to the Affadavit for Arrest, De La Cruz, who at the time of the incidents was 19 years old, had sexual intercourse with a 13 year old and 15 year old girl in 2021.

Following an investigation into these allegations, charges were filed which culminated in the sentencing this past week.

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