Longhorns defeat Lady Hawks 64-33

Longhorns defeat Lady Hawks 64-33

By Lauren Brant

The Hay Springs Lady Hawks hosted the Hyannis Longhorns on Tuesday, January 30. The Lady Longhorns won 64-33.

During last Tuesday’s basketball competition, the Hay Springs Lady Hawks struggled against Hyannis’ defense. Hyannis forced turnovers that put them up 33-13 at the half. 

Throughout the second half, the Lady Hawks struggled to rebound against the Lady Longhorns, despite having shot opportunities in the paint. While Hyannis ran a man-to-man defense to trap the Lady Hawks,   the Lady Hawks were able to break the defense and convert baskets. Despite the Lady Hawks hustle, the Longhorns extended their lead each quarter and won 64-33.

The last home competition of the winter 2017-18 season for the Lady Hawks is on Thursday, February 8 against the Crawford Rams.

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